Puuaiasõja Memorial

The historic Puuaiasõja Memorial, the puuaia warrior (author Riho Kuld 1984) called Ironman by the people, stands in the green area in front of the former main entrance of the Paper Factory. In 1784, introduction of the poll tax led to a peasant revolt in Räpina where armed peasants battled with soldiers, claiming the lives of five farmers. Next year, G. Fr. von Löwenwolde, the baron of Räpina, was killed. The Puuaiasõja Memorial, designed by Enno Ootsing, is located by the current main entrance of the factory.
When walking in the town of Räpina, it is also worthwhile to visit the Apteegi street, an area of high cultural and environmental value, and Meistrite Maja (House of Masters) on Võhandu street, as well as the memorial column for the freedom fighters of the Estonian War of Independence, and the memorial for the Soviet soldiers killed in World War II. The Võhandu River with the reservoir of Räpina is the most remarkable natural figure in the town and offers picturesque views...